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Still Alive

Posted by Maggie on August 4, 2008

I doubt any of you are still reading, but if you are, I do apologize for abandoning the blog. I don’t have much of an excuse. I took a week off, no one noticed, and I enjoyed the break so I just kind of kept at it. (No one continued to notice, as far as I can tell. It’s okay. I forgive you.)

But I am still out and about and wrote up a post for my friends at The Feminist Underground. It’s not my normal lawyerly stuff, but I think I may be moving more in that direction in the future. If you found my blog courtesy of TFU, thanks for coming by. You’re welcome to peruse my archives. Brian Nichols still hasn’t gone to trial.(Though jury selection has actually started. No joke!) The Public Defender system is still a big mess. I guess all that time away hasn’t really changed much.

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