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One of Those Weeks

Posted by Maggie on March 18, 2008

You know how sometimes you can’t muster the energy to get angry at bad news? I am feeling that way this week. I knew the Troy Davis decision was coming out Monday. I knew the odds were it wouldn’t go well. (The jurisprudence on actual innocence in appeals boggles my mind. I’m a stickler for procedure, too, but there are limits.) And it hasn’t. This is something I should be blogging about, but I just can’t summon the necessary anger. Plenty of others are. Check out Capital Defense Weekly or A Public Defender and StandDown. (StandDown is a Texas blog and yet manages to scoop me about half of the time on Georgia news. If they’re not on your blogroll, they should be.)

I can’t explain where the anger has gone. On a personal note (those are rare here) I think it may be because things are actually going quite well for me this week. I’m making some major changes and it’s nicer to stay in my own little happy world than to get down and dirty in the depressing news about criminal defense. As these changes go into effect, I’m planning to continue blogging. I’m assuming this is a phase that will pass. But it may be a slow week around here. (Unless of course something crazy happens with the Nichols case. And let’s be honest, doesn’t something crazy ALWAYS happen with the Nichols case?)

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