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Nichols Trial Date Set

Posted by Maggie on March 10, 2008

At today’s hearing, Judge Bodiford set Nichols a trial date of July 10. The prosecution wanted June while defense requested September. Judge Bodiford, still pretty gung-ho, plans to have 9 1/2 hour days and Saturdays to get through the trial by Christmas. (Don’t even get me started on why it’s necessary for this trial to take 6 months.)

It also looks like the defense’s efforts to find a new location to try the case may have new hopes. The Russell federal courthouse, just down the street, has been under construction which was the basis for their refusal to accept taking the trial. The construction is now completed and Bodiford is going to see about getting it moved there. If it’s not accepted, Fulton County needs to start doing some serious negotiating to find a new location.

And for those who are counting, tomorrow marks 3 years since the courthouse shooting spree Nichols has been charged with.

Update: More press today. The Daily Report expands its coverage and talks to the Russell federal building staff about the possibility of a move. The AJC writes about the family of Brian Nichols and other victims in the case as trial approaches.

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