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Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on February 28, 2008

Brian Nichols appeared in court today for the first time since October or so. It was Judge Bodiford’s first hearing on the case. He’s already set another one for Tuesday. Looks like he means it when he says he wants to get this case moving. Props.

He also says he’s going to reconsider Defense’s Motion to move the trial. I think that’s extremely smart. Fuller was holding out since they hadn’t found any other locations yet. The actual room the trial would take place in would be virtually identical to where the crime took place. It’d be in the same building. Jurors would be walking down the same halls. I can’t see how this wouldn’t be prejudicial and potentially a huge appealable issue.

No other specifics on the hearing, though I’ll keep tabs on stories that go up as the day continues. The only other note is that Gwinnett County has finally indicted Nichols–just before the statute of limitations–on charges including kidnapping and agg assault against Ashley Smith. Gwinnett County is where Nichols had his final standoff with authorities and eventually turned himself in. Gwinnett says they don’t intend to try him on these, but wanted to make sure they indicted in case there’s some reason to go forward in the future.

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