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Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on February 18, 2008

A story in the AJC yesterday talks about the ongoing questions surrounding the Nichols jury pool. Approximately $216,000 has been spent by Fulton County on jury-related expenses so far. That includes the cost of printing all the questionnaires, the jurors’ $25 per diem, transcripts, and postage.

The issue is that the jury pool was sworn in by former Judge Fuller in January, 2007. It’s now over a year later and not a single juror has been picked. This leaves open the issue of whether to continue with the same jury pool or not. And if you keep the same pool, then you have to make sure they’re all still Fulton residents and that their questionnaire answers are all still the same.

This seems to be an unsettled area of the law and no one has a real answer on whether you have to scrap the pool and find a new one. My gut says Judge Bodiford will bring in the former jurors and at least see what he’s got before getting a new pool in order. Especially since the price tag is more and more of an issue. But no word has come down at all on any issues, new or old, since Judge Bodiford’s appointment.


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