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Posted by Maggie on February 8, 2008

I don’t keep up well with all the bar journals, so I missed this article in the ABA Journal on live-blogging trials. (I caught it thanks to ACS Blog.) The article discusses what happens when lawyers liveblog their trials, as well as when an ordinary layman does so. It mentions that some lawyers are “troubled” about this non-lawyer blogging though there’s no specific mention of who thinks this (though there’s a mention of the Spector defense team’s dislike of a specific blog in the story).

As you may know, it has become my dream to live-blog the Nichols trial. Coming in as an attorney I’d make an effort to do it with a critical eye but I wonder if I’d be able to capture the ordinary citizen’s reaction. I think there’s definite value in the ordinary citizen’s reaction to a trial. It’s like getting a look at the inner workings of a juror (even though they’re not a juror) since as attorneys directly involved in a case sometimes it can be hard to get that objectivity. Maybe it’d be good for you to know that the general observing crowd is not liking your arguments or your style. I think there may be a lot to learn there. But I know we can get very possessive of our cases, and very convinced that our approach is the best one.

Still, all this may just be a pipe-dream for me. I doubt I’d be able to ditch my day job for the weeks of trial unless my circumstances change extremely quickly. (With my low readership, I doubt I’d be able to run the blog for profit.) But a girl can dream, right?


3 Responses to “Trial-Blogging”

  1. Chuck said

    You have a faithful following, though.


  2. donzell said

    Hey, you have made it on CrimLaw video blog. That has to count for something.

  3. Maggie said

    Aw, thanks, handful of faithful readers.

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