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Posted by Maggie on February 5, 2008

I’m starting to feel like the blog is all-Nichols-all-the-time, so I’m mixing it up a bit today by making the rounds through some major Southern newspapers for news of note.

There have been a rash of shootings during carnival parades in New Orleans. With all the talk of Super Tuesday, have we forgotten about Mardi Gras? Here is nola.com’s complete coverage of the carnival.

Heard about that proposed legislation in Mississippi that would prohibit restaurants from serving the obese? It’s not going to make it to the floor. The Public Health Committee chairman has promised a pocket veto.

An attorney for the Alabama Department of Human Resources sent an angry letter to a woman she claimed was revealing confidential information about a closed-court case. In the letter she revealed confidential information about the children involved in the case. And then she cc’d it to media outlets and lawmakers. Pot, meet kettle.

Athens, Georgia is still having that jail overcrowding crisis. A task force has been created to address the problem as well as alternatives to incarceration. Yesterday local judges encouraged work-release and other programs to help assist offenders and reduce recidivism.

Two Texas death-row inmates committed suicide this week. One was at the psychiatric Jester unit, the other at the Polunsky unit, which holds most death row inmates until the days before execution.


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