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Judge Appointed in Nichols Case

Posted by Maggie on February 4, 2008

A Judge has officially been appointed to preside over the Brian Nichols case. It’s Judge James Bodiford from Cobb County. I was rather shocked to hear this because there are probably hundreds of Judges in the metro Atlanta area and the majority of my practice until recently hasn’t been in the city proper. So I was surprised when I found out the Judge selected is one I’ve actually appeared in front of several times. It’s great news for me since now I feel like I can present a more informed opinion about the new Judge’s actions. With Judge Fuller I had to make guesses to his motivations since I was completely unfamiliar with him.

As for my impressions of Bodiford, he’s certainly a no-nonsense kind of Judge. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. He expects his attorneys to be on top of things and ready to go. I have appreciated his efforts to actually have a conversation of sorts with defendants when they plea when most Judges just want to get through their docket. I’ve also felt that he can sometimes get pretty angry. Angry judges aren’t my favorite thing. You’re welcome to take my impressions with a grain of salt. I’m not one of the DA’s who works in front of him every day (though I’m giving some thought to calling one of them up even though I have no more business in that court).

I’ll update with additional links if any more detailed articles come in during the day.

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