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Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on February 1, 2008

Looks like some judges are coming out of the woodwork, according to the AJC. Two judges are named who have volunteered and it’s hinted there are others being spoken to as well. Anyone who’s worked with Judge Staley in Cobb or Judge Clark in Gwinnett is welcome to share their experiences in the comments or by email.

Also a good story today in the Daily Report. (I think perhaps they have been paying attention to my complaints about their sources. Their articles on Nichols will often lay out an issue, get quotes from a single prosecutor, and then end. This article has quotes from multiple defense attorneys, which makes more sense since we’re faced with a multitude of defense issues.) It’s basically a look at what the new Judge will have on their plate and a few opinions about just how much revisiting the judge will do. While I tend to disagree with the attorney who says they’ll just have a status conference and then be up and running, at least most of them seem optimistic. There’s even a lot of discussion about what to do with our jury pool that’s been sitting for months now. Looks like the talk about the pool expiring is not based on any technical rule, and there are suggestions on how to keep your pool and move forward. A multitude of quotes from Stephen Bright, and he is right on the money as usual.


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