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Florida Voting

Posted by Maggie on January 31, 2008

I generally try to keep politics off this blog, Lord knows there are enough political blogs out there these days. But the Georgia Voter ID Law is firmly straddling law and politics so it can bring political issues into play. The issue of Voter ID laws hasn’t yet been decided by the Supreme Court, and there are arguments about disenfranchisement and voter fraud. But what concerns me is something very common that isn’t being discussed in this debate. Likely more harmful than any of these issues is the problem with uninformed and unprepared poll workers.

The Orlando Sentinel reports on a host of problems at polling places in Florida’s primary. Democrats told there was no democratic primary. Voters given the wrong kind of ballot. And these are just the people whose stories were noticed. Most people have had their fair share of problems with a polling location. The fact that we’re still running into it after the chaos of the 2000 elections is stunning and saddening.

2 Responses to “Florida Voting”

  1. GaLawyer said

    Florida held primaries but because they did so at a time earlier than the national party wanted it done, no delegates were awarded. So, arguably, there really was no primary. The real irony is that the Democratic Party would do such a thing after raising such a ruckus in 2000 (and ever since then) about how EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT in an election. Their position strikes me as kind of hypocritical and makes me think of Monty Python’s song “Every Sperm is Sacred.”

  2. Maggie said

    True, the primary in Florida is unusual due to the delegate situation. But voters could still appear and cast votes. A person at a polling station insisting there was no democratic vote is just plain wrong. As for the politics of the party’s decision, well, I’ll leave that one for now.

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