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Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on January 29, 2008

So, were you thinking things were calming down a little bit? The only news the last few days has been people talking about the Nichols case. Well, apparently that’s enough to get things going.

Seems like Judge Fuller and Jeffrey Toobin have a disagreement about some of his comments in that New Yorker story. Fuller says he had asked for no direct quotes, and that a comment on Nichols being guilty of the allegations was off the record. Toobin says no.

My big shock at the story is that the AJC has dug up a bunch of local attorneys to comment on the issue. (Instead of only talking to prosecutors, as I’ve recently criticized the Daily Report for doing.) Some think it’s a big problem and possibly appealable, others think it’s more smoke than fire. I’m not really sure what to think. But there’s another person on board the right train of thought at the end of the article, the president-elect of NACDL, John Wesley Hall, Jr.

Hall said criticism should be directed at state lawmakers for not fully funding Nichols’ defense, not against Fuller. “It’s petty politics to try to impeach him for trying to make the state do its job,” he said.

If only the Georgia defense system would come out with such a statement. By not doing so, I think it puts itself firmly in the “petty politics” camp.

Off topic, if you were feeling good today? Perhaps you didn’t notice the Georgia legislature sent through the revamped sex-offender law. (If by revamped you mean pretty much as bad as the old one.) The vote was 141-29. At least there are a couple dozen legislators who understand the issue.

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