Of Counsel

Legal Notes on Georgia and The South

Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on January 22, 2008

Something to report today, and while it’s not much of a development by itself, it may have a bigger meaning. Judge Fuller has certified the DA’s appeal of his refusal to recuse himself for immediate review by the appellate court. There wasn’t really much choice for Fuller, most likely, given all the attention and the need to be very cautious about having any issue in the case overturned by some later appeal.

You may recall that last week we had some changes, with a request for a counsel substitution and a donation for defense funding, that made it look like the case would go forward sooner rather than later. This appeal will halt the process once again. I’m not sure how long we can expect it to take. Hopefully the appeal will be rushed. I understand trying your case the best way possible, and I’m not sure I can really knock the DA as much as I normally do on this issue, but it is pretty disheartening to see things slow down again.

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