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DeKalb Suspect Caught

Posted by Maggie on January 17, 2008

You may have heard about the two officers who were shot Wednesday morning just outside Atlanta. It’s always difficult when these things happen, particularly when you work with a lot of local law enforcement. I feel their pain and concern, but I had my own concern when the Chief of Police vowed to catch the killers by sundown that same day.

Defense attorneys don’t condone terrible crimes. The worse the crime, the more difficult it can be for you. But the worst of all is having an innocent client accused of a terrible crime. Because the thirst for vengeance is so strong that it’s not always so particular about who it chooses to strike. The police chief’s words sound like something out of a Western, and while I know they’re full of anger and sadness, I hope they do their jobs as thoroughly as possible.

A suspect has been arrested as of yesterday. We have no details yet on how the person was found, on any motive, or any connection to the case. The whole thing leaves me feeling sad. The loss of these young men is tragic, and I can only hope we don’t get any more tragedies out of it.

Update: Looks like a second suspect has turned himself in this morning, but at least one more is sought.

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