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Ah, Atlanta

Posted by Maggie on January 17, 2008

When I moved to Atlanta a few years ago, I read Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full. It was partly because I was on a Wolfe kick anyway, and partly to acquaint me with my new home. It’s been a while and I thought I’d re-read it now that my work takes me all over the city and to many of its landmarks. It’s a lot different this time, now that I know where all the streets are, especially since there are rather detailed descriptions of the routes the characters take to get from one place to another.

Yesterday I had a slightly surreal experience. I needed to go to the Fulton Courthouse followed by City Hall. I cut through City Hall on my way from parking the car. It’s two buildings–one old and one new–that are hooked together making it a great shortcut when the weather is cold. (We had snow yesterday!) While waiting in the Courthouse, I picked up A Man in Full, which is currently residing in my briefcase for just such occasions. When I turned to a new chapter, a character walked into the new City Hall building and I got a good page or two of descriptions of what I had just seen. I saw it again about 15 minutes later when I had to go back to finish my business. While cities like New York and L.A. figure in fiction a lot, it’s a lot less common to get another American city described in such detail so it was quite a unique experience.


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