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Poisoning an Awfully Large Jury Pool

Posted by Maggie on January 11, 2008

So after a couple weeks of solid coverage, I am going to comment about the “Georgia Hiker” as she is dubbed on CNN.com. It’s not really anything about the facts. It’s the rampant media coverage that tends to follow missing white women. (The Georgia Hiker has already been replaced in the top stories by the Pregnant Marine.) The alleged killer has now confessed and if this case goes to trial, I’m not sure they’ll be able to find a clean jury anywhere within a few hundred miles.

The headline at the AJC website right now is, “Slaying suspect ‘scary, crazy.'” There are stories all over the place connecting this case to possible other killings in Florida and North Carolina, all of which seem to be sheer speculation at this point. It’s basically par for the course for these types of cases in the media, but every day there seems to be something new. But I would be extremely uncomfortable with a juror sitting on a panel who had heard that the person I represented was tied to other horrific crimes.


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