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Today’s Nichols Update

Posted by Maggie on January 7, 2008

The defendant was the one in the spotlight last week, when the press reported that there may have been another escape attempt. It’s not surprising news if you’d been following the trial, as the Prosecution had begun requesting all of Nichols’ phone calls and there had been various court proceedings hinting at the possibility that Nichols was acting out while in jail. An impressively detailed write-up by the AJC is here.

The continual court proceedings had a little bit of news today. The Daily Report is reporting that Judge Fuller requested a meeting with the Fulton County Superior Court Judges. The isseus he planned to address were administrative issues, cost, and public perception. The minutes from the Judges’ Dec. 7 meeting show that they decided to refuse to meet with Fuller after much discussion. The article notes potential appellate issues should that meeting have taken place, though I’m not sure whether there’s merit to that argument. (Of note, Judge Schwall, the Fulton Judge who blasted Judge Fuller to the entire Fulton County bench by email was not in attendance at this meeting.)

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