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Confederate Mischief

Posted by Maggie on December 19, 2007

Living in Atlanta, it is sometimes easy the most lasting legacy of the South: racism. You get exposed to it a lot more in other areas. One of the most difficult things is how some continue to cling to confederate pride, you have to figure they know exactly who they’re alienating and they are completely okay with it. I mean, I understand when it’s your ancestry. I come from Southern stock that fought for the confederacy. I find it interesting to go through old letters and documents, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with all their views.

In Montgomery, Alabama, three teenagers are charged with a felony each after defacing a Confederate memorial. The act took place back in November, when black paint was found on the hands and faces of statutes and the date N.T. 11.11.31 was written at the bottom of the monument. The reference is to the killing of Nat Turner on November 11, 1831, after his attempted rebellion. While I recognize this as a defacement of public property, I also see it as a form of political speech. In Alabama, they don’t quite get it. The Governor’s exact quote: “This was a senseless crime.”

As long as there are people who see such a thing as senseless, we will still have a long way to go.

One Response to “Confederate Mischief”

  1. Well put, Maggie – while it is vandalism, it certainly isn’t senseless.
    I’ve been living in the Deep South for almost 10 months now, and the way racism is excused by so many still surprises me on an almost daily basis.

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