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A Tale of Two Jails

Posted by Maggie on December 19, 2007

There was news of issues in two local jails in today’s AJC. It ends up doing a good job of the dichotomy between the more urban areas of Atlanta compared to the somewhat nicer suburbs. The Fulton County Jail continues to be plagued by trouble. They’re already under court order to improve conditions, but this week they had a pipe burst that affectd inmates heavily for 3 days. No running water. No flushing toilets. One inmate reported being in lockdown with raw sewage.

Compare this to the Clayton County Correctional Institution. Apparently the Clayton inmates are somewhat more picky than those in Fulton, actually making demands. And since Monday Night Football moved from basic to cable they haven’t been able to watch it. So the County Commission voted to give the inmates satellite television to keep them happy.

Obviously raw sewage is not a good thing anywhere. And whether inmates should have access to cable is not the kind of issue to really get anybody too upset either way. But it does go to show just how different the playing field can be from one jail or prison to the next.


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