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Dream Jobs

Posted by Maggie on November 15, 2007

Maybe it is a sign of my youth that I still have “dream jobs.”  I like my job, I like my caseload.  But I still have these other things I would love to do.  It hasn’t quite sunk in, despite my years of practice, that I’m actually in a career. 

One dream job, of course, is to be paid to liveblog trials.  Or report on trials.  Or anything like that.  I’m a critic at heart, and since I’ve directed and crossed and opened and closed, there’s nothing I love more than telling other people what they’re doing wrong.  I would love the chance to analyze testimony, sum up evidence, evaluate witnesses, and translate the whole experience for someone else.

You may ask why I don’t just want to try cases and be perfectly happy with that.  Well, as trial lawyers know, it’s a tough road.  You can lose no matter how good your case is.  You only have so much control over a jury.  It’s a physical, emotional, and mental marathon.  I only have so much of that in me each year. 

I’ve also always loved teaching.  When I got to law school, I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to make it into the world of legal academia.  The Socratic method isn’t really my style.  And there’s a certain path you take to become a professor.  It starts with a prestigious clerkship, then moves to a prestigious firm, years of prestigious practice, and then you can be a professor. 

My first semester of law school, I hated Property.  It showed in my grade.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good enough.  I learned this when I applied to be the new Civ Pro TA.  The old Civ Pro TA was amazing and I wanted to be the new her.  I also happened to completely kill that class and get the #2 grade in the class of 100.  The prof seemed to think I was a good candidate until he saw that Property grade.  I simply wasn’t consistent enough, it seemed, and the job went to someone else.  (I didn’t know who it went to initially and regularly spoke to my friends of how I wanted to egg the person’s house, only to find out the next year that it was one of the same friends who’d kept it quiet after the egging-the-house thing.  That person, of course, became the #1 student in our class and will probably end up as a professor.) 

I was okay with not being a law professor.  I would make it.  I didn’t even think I wanted to be one until I recently saw that my school has hired two relatively recent grads as faculty.  Now, in all fairness, they were great students and will probably be great professors.  They had the clerkships.  But with those clerkships they couldn’t have actually worked for any substantial period of time.  And now I am jealous of them for no real reason except that they seem to have prematurely obtained their dream job and I am reminded of that 1st semester Property grade that robbed me of my dream. 

Perhaps I will just abandon those dreams for my other dream: to sit at home all day and write crappy legal thrillers.

One Response to “Dream Jobs”

  1. Actually, I bet you could write a kick-ass legal thriller. I’m not saying you should, you’d miss your cases, I think. But, if you are going to dream… Your legal thrillers would be funny and informative, and that the average citizen would develop a deeper appreciation for the society in which they live after reading your works… and then you’d save the world. (I always end my daydreams by saving the world. Usually while wearing a really great outfit.)

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