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Legal Notes on Georgia and The South

Another Nichols Opinion–With Citations!

Posted by Maggie on November 12, 2007

While the title of the post may seem a little glib, I do actually mean it seriously. In today’s Daily Report we have yet another lawyer speaking out with an opinion on the Judge vs. Judge feud. The previous posts have been interesting, but sometimes more inflammatory than well-informed.

This time, Mr. Howard comes in with specific examples of why Judge Schwall has no business calling out Judge Fuller. He includes citations of cases he worked on where Judge Schwall specifically violated procedure and made simple cases into lengthy appeals while they waited to have him overturned. It’s a rather harsh ribbing, but citations don’t lie, right?

As much as I find Mr. Howard’s opinion interesting, I’m still waiting for the op-ed that says, “Can we all just give it a rest and let this trial happen without injecting our own comments every five seconds?”


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