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Now This Is Just Ridiculous

Posted by Maggie on November 2, 2007

Adding to the craziness of yesterday, today the DA’s office has now sent an emergency petition to the Georgia Supreme Court to intervene in the Nichols case. They say it’s postponed indefinitely, that it’s a prosecution in peril. I know we’ve had delays lasting about a year now. But I’ve seen plenty of smaller cases taking longer than this to get to trial.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Supreme Court refuses to hear it.

Also, a story giving more of a positive spin to Judge Fuller after the pile-on of the last couple weeks. I completely agree with the statement made by one attorney, that the problem is the case not the Judge.

I agree. The problem is the case. Everyone needs to come together to make this a realistic trial without error. And all these extra parties getting involved isn’t going to make that happen any sooner. It’s troubling to me with all the attacks on Judge Fuller, he’s in a difficult situation to try and make headway. Still, reportedly jury selection will continue later this month.

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