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Posted by Maggie on October 31, 2007

I’ve been linked to recently by apublicdefender, audacity, atypicaljoe, and legalblogwatch. It’s always nice to get out there in the blawgosphere. My google search hits are often bizarre, like “craigslist meth” and such. The joys of blogging about criminal defense. I have also been linked to in a message in a private online group for Circuit Public Defenders in Georgia. I can’t see the message and don’t know what’s in it, but I can’t help be curious if they’ve linked to one of my GPDSC rants or are trying to sniff out my identity. But either way I’m happy they’re here. Please, PD’s from anywhere and everywhere, feel free to read and comment. I’d love to hear from more of you.

3 Responses to “Links”

  1. Ben Von Schuch said

    A little personal promotion

    You blog is very informative and enjoyable to read at the same time. I’m not a PD but having just passed the bar I would like to become one in the Atlanta circuit. How do I get my foot in the door down there.

  2. Gideon said

    Recently? I linked to you the day you started! Hmmph.

    In all seriousness, I get those same hits from private message boards and I always wonder what the context is.

  3. joe said

    I’m not a PD, not even a lawyer, but you are a regular read. I enjoy what you do and I’m glad you’re here!

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