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A Lot Going Down in New Orleans

Posted by Maggie on October 31, 2007

The District Attorney for New Orleans has stepped down. The linked story in the Times-Picayune gives thorough coverage (unlike the AP wire, which gives hardly a detail). DA Eddie Jordan, after taking office, fired 56 employees, 53 of whom were white, and replaced them with 92% blacks. Jordan was found liable in a wrongful termination suit for $3.7 million. It’s unclear who will foot the bill, the city and the state have refused to step in.

New Orleans PD Do Not Pass Geaux is pleased with the resignation. No word from the blogs or anywhere else yet on how this will affect the already rough caseloads in Orleans Parish.

Also, a Louisiana Judge found a portion of their online sex solicitation law unconstitutional. For “computer-aided” solicitation of a minor, there is a consent defense if the person chatting is over 16. But the consent defense is out if the person chatting is a police officer. An interesting ruling that I’m sure will be appealed. I’m curious to see if other states follow suit.

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