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Local PD Arrested

Posted by Maggie on October 24, 2007

It seems that Georgia has been plagued by cops getting arrested for pretty serious crimes these last few months. Now we’ve got a public defender in Clayton County (just south of Atlanta) arrested is facing felony and misdemeanor charges after having sexual conversations online with a 16-year-old. Channel 11 and Channel 2 have picked up the story, but the other local news stations and the AJC haven’t posted anything yet. The article says the attorney works for the Clayton County Indigent Defense Fund. Clayton County’s website shows an Indigent Defense group and a Circuit Public Defender. (For those who may not know, Georgia’s state system is divided into circuits.) I can’t tell exactly how the two groups work together, except that the Indigent Defense Group seems to be a panel of private attorneys while the Circuit office is the state-based PD’s office.

Sorry to see more bad news for PD’s in Georgia.


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