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Forget Kids Today, the Problem is Schools Today

Posted by Maggie on October 23, 2007

Two distressing stories caught my attention this morning. One is an AP story from Texas about a teacher who has been placed on leave and is facing possible criminal charges because of a book from a reading list. The book, Child of God, is by Cormac McCarthy and involves a killer who rapes his victims after death. The teacher could be charged with distributing harmful material to a minor. (Because the content of that book is obviously much worse than what you see on tv crime procedurals every day.)

The local story involves East Coweta High School, just outside Atlanta, where the school paper was impounded after two articles ran. The first is satire and titled “Another Modest Proposal”. It’s a spin-off of the original modest proposal except this time instead of eating children, it advocates outlawing charity and getting rid of the portion of the population with the lowest IQ. It’s funny and well-reasoned and the kid does a good job of trying not to sound like a kid.

The second seems to me to be anything but controversial. It’s a scathing critique of an upcoming school pageant which grades girls solely on beauty. No talent competition. No current affairs questions. Just who’s prettiest. And this is a school competition. The author points out all the negative effects of this kind of pageant and that it has no redemptive value.

I have to say, I’m tired of teachers getting in trouble for teaching and students getting in trouble for learning. Makes home school sound tempting, eh?


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