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Eyewitness Hearings Continue

Posted by Maggie on October 23, 2007

I was scouring the net for a follow-up on yesterday’s third session in the Eyewitness ID Hearings in the legislature. I had the second set of hearings here and the first here.

I couldn’t find coverage anywhere except for a brief blurb on the radio yesterday (with no link on the website) and a story in the Daily Report today. It’s a shame because it seems like they had good testimony from Barry Scheck and the New York-based Innocence Project regarding wrongful convictions and lawsuits. They also heard from Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, a rape victim who misidentified her rapist and sent the wrong man to prison for 11 years. Her story is a powerful one and it could use more attention.

The final hearing is November 5 with a planning session to follow on November 19.

One Response to “Eyewitness Hearings Continue”

  1. Chris said

    Interesting blog. I’ll be back.

    (I’m just a random visitor, but thought I’d say Hi)

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