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GPDSC Set Up For Contempt Hearing

Posted by Maggie on October 18, 2007

Not surprisingly, GPDSC today passed a resolution refusing to pay for Nichols’ defense claiming they are unable to. They will be responding to the Judge on the contempt issue, but made no public comment.

I stand by my previous remarks on the issue. I understand the position they’re taking. I know they’ve got many other defenders and defendants to take care of. But I really wish they’d make a comment on the issue. Instead of always sounding like they’re trying to get out of something, I’d love for them to stand up for something. It’s possible to come out and say, “Look. We’d love to pay for Nichols’ defense. We think he deserves a zealous defense and we stand by his defense team. However, the State of Georgia is not even giving us the funds we need to represent the thousands and thousands of citizens we help every year. We are underfunded and overlooked and yet state lawmakers refuse to criticize us. If Georgia is going to have the death penalty, this type of funding must be available. Nichols is an extraordinary case and we need to act appropriately so that we don’t have to be in a position to re-try and spend even more money making up for our mistakes.”

GPDSC, if you want, you can just cut and paste that into your next release.

Note: There’s a story in today’s Daily Report with multiple quotes from Georgia legislators on the issue. Does a good job of laying out everything that’s going on.


2 Responses to “GPDSC Set Up For Contempt Hearing”

  1. How about a summary of the Nichols case for your readers outside Georgia?

  2. […] in the Georgia fight, ex-public defender Maggie has been following it at her blog Of Counsel and has great coverage. Powered by Gregarious […]

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