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New Southern Center Suit in AL

Posted by Maggie on October 17, 2007

I thought I’d check out the Southern Center for Human Rights website today just to check in, and found that they’ve started a new lawsuit in Alabama against the Department of Corrections. The Department refuses to comply with the Alabama Open Records Act in reference to records of assaults and deaths in the prison system. SCHR had specifically sought records relating to the sudden death of an otherwise healthy 32-year-old inmate, but DOC refuses to release any information to SCHR or the family about the death. They are also looking into the Donaldson Facility in Bessemer, where inmates allege a number of violent assaults and DOC refuses to release any records.

Props to SCHR, as usual, for coming in to take on these suits no one else would pay any attention to. The link above also lets you look at the complaint and exhibits filed. If there’s any local organization you’re considering supporting, I would highly recommend you take a close look at SCHR. They are also putting on a training session for defense attorneys in capital cases in Alabama next month. Don’t forget, they can always use volunteers.

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