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Eyewitness Hearings Continue

Posted by Maggie on October 15, 2007

While I was gone, there was a second meeting of the Georgia House Study Committee on Eyewitness Identification Procedures.  You may remember that the first hearing was a general overview. The second took place a couple weeks ago and was for the “law enforcement perspective.”

As you might expect, instead of happily allowing better ID’s (leading to better information and more reliable convictions) the cops are against any changes. They say requiring line-up and other ID procedures would tie the hands of police officers. How this is the case, it’s unclear. They also claim that witnesses are really sure and we shouldn’t question them.

I understand the dilemma of small counties with a small number of deputies and the mechanics that would be required. Still, some standards are better than none, since that appears to be where most law enforcement in Georgia is right now.

Georgia Innocence Project posts an editorial from the Athens Banner-Herald on what the cops got wrong. Eyewitness Identification Reform also has a rundown with a link to a Savannah article. Next hearing: October 22.


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  1. […] a follow-up on yesterday’s third session in the Eyewitness ID Hearings in the legislature. I had the second set of hearings here and the first […]

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