Of Counsel

Legal Notes on Georgia and The South

“We Have Ordinances”

Posted by Maggie on September 30, 2007

If you’ve never had much experience with the cops, working as a PD is getting thrown in the pool without knowing how to swim. But you get better at figuring out what the cops are really doing to your clients after you’ve heard the same story a few hundred times. When a cousin of mine came to visit, I demonstrated by showing her all the cars the cops would pull over.

A “high crime area” is one of their classic excuses for arresting whoever whenever. Except this time they arrested a New York Times reporter who was doing a story on gangs. He tells how he’s cuffed for no reason, finally released with no explanation. When he gets angry with the officers, they’re unapologetic. But one of the guys he’s with wisely points out that if it had been one of them to take that tone with the police, they’d be in jail right now.

It’s sad these things happen. This is why I get so much joy out of winning motions to suppress.

P.S. For the handful of you who read regularly, I apologize for doing so little updating. In the middle of major events. Will be spotty for the next week or two, but I promise to return.


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