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Legal Notes on Georgia and The South

Being a Frat Boy Okay Until Someone Dies

Posted by Maggie on September 21, 2007

Whenever something really bad happens, even if no one’s to blame, expect charges to be filed. Just so someone feels better. A good example, this case in South Carolina, where a guy drove home from a party drunk with a blood alcohol of 0.267, crashed his car, and died.

Who’s being charged? Well, the first thing you’d guess is whoever supplied the liquor, especially since the guy was under 21. Or who let the guy drive home drunk. (There is one charge of supplying alcohol to a minor, but it’s just one charge out of 5 filed.)

4 other party attenders have been charged with assault and battery. Why? Because they pulled a classic prank: wrote on the guy in marker while he slept.

Another example of justice served. Had the guy not died, had he killed someone else in the accident, we would never care about a stupid prank. Ignore the fact this guy had alcohol and prescription drugs in the car. Let’s go after the real perpetrators.


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