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Follow-Up on Lasamuel Gamble

Posted by Maggie on September 20, 2007

I continue to get people finding the blawg through searches for Lasamuel Gamble, Troy King, or Robbie Owens. My original post is here. Short recap: Gamble was convicted along with a co-defendant of murder. The co-defendant is the one who pulled the trigger, Gamble is the driver, both get the death penalty, then the co-d loses it after Roper v. Simmons. The DA, Owens, then says Gamble shouldn’t be killed when the guy who actually did the killing won’t die. King, the Alabama Attorney General, then pulled Owens off the case and said nasty things about him.

I was curious as to how the case was going and found this article from the Birmingham News which reveals that 41 of the 42 DA’s in the state complained and asked for an apology, noting King’s lack of prosecutorial experience. King doesn’t seem to care, and says more rather harsh things about Alabama DA’s. His point is that he disagrees about the proper punishment, but he could be a little more tactful.

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