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Posted by Maggie on September 11, 2007

As a PD I never read the Daily Report.  I didn’t even know of its existence.  Now that I’m in a private office, the Report is passed down the grapevine to me.  At first I thought it was great to get a report of important local cases and appellate opinions.  Now I’m starting to get a little annoyed.

In today’s Daily Report, there is an article on the 1st day of Georgia Supreme Court arguments. The two arguments heard were about the execution of a potentially mentally retarded person and a damages finding of $13 million against Ford Motors.  The article starts well:

To be sure, the justices’ decision on Ford’s arguments that a judge went too far issuing discovery sanctions do not carry the life-and-death gravity as in the case of James Randall Rogers, whose lawyers are challenging a jury verdict finding him not mentally retarded and therefore eligible to be executed.

But as in a death penalty case in which defense lawyers pull out all the stops, the lawyers for Ford have gone to great lengths to get what they want—keeping a set of crash test results out of the hands of the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

And then it spends the entire lengthy article, with the exception of the last couple paragraphs, talking about the Ford case. So after telling us the case is less important, it tells us all about it and gives sparse coverage to the death penalty case. I haven’t been able to find a decent write-up of the Rogers case anywhere yet.

Another little bone to pick, in last month’s edition on rising stars under 40, they profiled 15 lawyers. One was a current prosecutor, one was a former prosecutor, and there wasn’t a single PD mentioned. Not one. Off hand I can think of 20 or so deserving of a write-up. I can’t imagine they didn’t get a single nominee who was a PD. If there was any time we needed to hear about the great work they’re doing, it’s now.

I understand the Daily Report is mostly aimed at big law firms, and it certainly has some value, but I’d love to see a little more balance.


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