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Posted by Maggie on September 10, 2007

This big story in the AJC on Immigration lawyers with a brightly colored RV leaves me with mixed feelings.

On the good side, these guys are out there working for happy to represent a group that is terribly unrepresented these days.  They are attacking specific ordinances quickly and effectively.   And they seem to be competent lawyers who escaped King & Spalding.

On the bad side, something about the way they’re approaching their advertising rubs me the wrong way ethically.  There’s not enough in the article to let me know they’re doing it correctly, and I’m betting they’re smart enough to avoid ethical problems but it leaves me squeamish.  Also, I don’t like the article’s reference to their religious backgrounds, which strikes me as unnecessary.  And finding out that they’re making even more money now than they would’ve at Big Corporate Firm makes me worry a little bit about their sincerity.  And there’s also this:

During Sunday evening sessions at a Roswell hotel, Taylor gave free updates on activity in Washington, then asked participants to fill out information forms that could ease processing should reforms pass Congress.

Charles Kuck, an Atlanta attorney and president-elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said the sessions underscore his belief that Hernan, Taylor and Lee are motivated more by cash than conscience. They were compiling a database of potential clients.

But despite whatever concerns I have, at least they’re out there representing people. (Now all they need are a couple of female attorneys and some updates to their recent news links.)


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