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Boys and Knives Follow-Up

Posted by Maggie on September 7, 2007

The AJC article on the Cobb County student who left a swiss army knife in his car gets an extension today. Now we have a full report on crime stats being up in Cobb Schools. While they make it sound threatening the stats don’t sound so bad to me. North Cobb High had 15 non-felony drug offenses (translate=marijuana) in the year 2007. To me that seems like a pretty low number. None of the others trouble me much either.

What troubles me is this:

School officials must report violation of policy to police under state law, said James Arrowood, Cobb schools security director.

This is the first I’ve heard of that. What “policy” do they mean? What law are they referring to?

And what does that do to a county like Clayton, that has worked out a policy with police and the court to set up standards to decide when a child is charged. I think an agreement like this sets up great checks and balances on officials and students, but it seems to be illegal if the above statement is actually true.

If anyone can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.


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