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Posted by Maggie on August 24, 2007

There’s been lots of crazy news from the metro area lately and I was too busy yesterday to get to a lot of it.  But today I’m going to show the AJC some love for doing some pretty good reporting.

 First, nice follow-up to the Saggy Pants Ban that’s been all over the news lately.  (The story even has a request to “send in your baggy pants photos,” which made me crack a smile.)  Most of my concerns with the ban are well-expressed here.  My favorite comes from rapper Yung Joc, an ATL native:

“That’s attacking people’s freedom of expression. When Woodstock was around did they tell people not to wear their hair long, or hemp clothing? Are they telling the skateboarders they can’t wear the jeans so tight? Or those little shirts? This is targeting a certain group: Young black males. And this will only give them more of a reason to pull them over; more of a reason to detain them.”

Also addressed are the problems with women in jogging bras. And the on-the-street-saggy-pants-wearers interviewed all seem to understand that there are places where their clothes may not be appropriate.

As for me, my response is, “We’re living in a city where there is a serious crime problem with our youth, a problem with getting our kids to finish high school and get them educated, a problem with keeping their families together, and you want to talk about boxers? Why don’t we address the real problems here.”

More articles after the jump…

Though the records don’t back it up, Clayton County claims it’s picking up all Atlanta’s criminal element in its apartments. The Commission chairman wants a copy of all lease agreements in the county to figure out who the criminals are. He claims it will allow landlords to know who has a criminal history and react appropriately. It sounds to me like this should be an issue dealt with by the landlords, not the county.

A Cobb County man kept having his truck broken into and decided to take matters into his own hands. He went to an awful lot of trouble to set up a sting. I don’t see why he couldn’t just lock the doors. The article seems to find the whole thing charming. At the end, the police response discourages people from vigilante justice. But the AJC reporter responds, “The unofficial tone was more like this: ‘You go, Albin, you Suburban Crusader, you!'” And yes, that’s a direct quote.

I had a case once where a kid beat up another kid and the county decided they needed to bring helicopters in to find him. No joke. They then wanted to make him pay for the helicopters as part of his sentence. I thought of that when I read this story about the Rockdale Sheriff bringing in the helicopters when a severed finger was found in a yard. Turns out they should have waited for the ME before going to all that trouble–it was fake.


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