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Posted by Maggie on August 22, 2007

A couple updates for the day. I’m going to try and do something on the GA Photo ID case when I have more time later along with a court update.

I’ve seen this story about drug testing entire cities floating around the web. It notes an unusually high use of methamphetamine. Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that testing for methamphetamines will also indicate use of legal prescription drugs used widely within the population, such as Adderall. Nothing in this article tells me whether the finding for amphetamines is specific to meth, or whether there is such a test. Let me know if any of you have seen drug testing that could flag specific amphetamines.

It’s not surprising to see the media go crazy on a meth story. For a really awesome write-up of actual statistics vs. media coverage on meth, see last year’s write-up by The Sentencing Project.

Thanks to ACS Blog for the link to an NPR story with print and audio on the continuing problems of the Orleans Parish Prison.


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