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Thursday at the Court of Appeals

Posted by Maggie on August 17, 2007

Affirm Conviction: 7

Reverse Conviction: 1

Reverse Grant of Motion to Suppress: 1

Of Note:

Mattox v. State, A07A1695.  After refusing to allow testimony referring to evidence of the defendant’s Department of Corrections ID card as prejudicial, the court found it wasn’t really that prejudicial anymore after they let in some similar transaction evidence.  So the more prejudicial evidence you have, the more you’re able to get in, apparently.  But I suppose the real lesson here is don’t leave your ID in a truck you broke into.

Calloway v. State, A07A1160.  Court allows a similar transaction in a child molestation case that took place 26 years before the incident at trial.  Another practical lesson here: if you and one of your children has already been molested by a family member, don’t let them go near your other kids.

Thomas v. State, A07A1062.  Reverse conviction from bench trial when warrant gave wrong address and no other supporting identifying information describing the premises.


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