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Dipping a Toe Into the Blog Pool

Posted by Maggie on August 17, 2007

I’ve been lurking around the Criminal Law blogs for some time now, and I’ve finally decided to go ahead and throw my hat in.  I’m doing this for a few reasons, but mostly to do my best to keep up to date with appellate rulings.  In my former days as a Public Defender, it was virtually impossible for me to find the time to keep up with rulings.  So I see these reviews as a service of sorts to my many PD friends still out there toiling away thanklessly.  (Hopefully not completely thanklessly.  During my own time in the public sector I got one thank you card from the mother of a client who’d always been rather rude and a variety of letters from inmates which mostly said, “You have a nice smile.”)

 Ideally, I’d like to add other Southern states to the roundup, and would be welcome to add other contributors who wouldn’t mind helping out.  I’ll try and figure out how to throw in other rulings of note.  But I do feel that particularly public criminal defense in the South is having a rough time of it these days and needs more visibility.  I’ll certainly be checking in on the new PD system in New Orleans and the ongoing funding issues for PD’s in Georgia.

 According to my plans, I’ll also cover other issues of note.  I’m hoping to check in soon with the status of the Sex Offender lawsuit by the Southern Center for Human Rights, which I haven’t heard about for a while.  I also hope to keep up with Civil Rights law, particularly in the 1st Amendment arena, which is one of my personal passions. 

My own daily reads are listed in the blawgroll.  I generally stick to blogs that are interesting and updated often and I hope to operate the same way.  An early thanks to I Was the State for noticing my little link to them so quickly. 

Thanks for reading,


3 Responses to “Dipping a Toe Into the Blog Pool”

  1. Gideon said

    Maggie, welcome to the blogosphere! Sorry to hear that you’re not a public defender anymore 😉

  2. […] her motivations, she writes: I’ve been lurking around the Criminal Law blogs for some time now, and I’ve finally decided to […]

  3. ken said

    Run! Run now and never look at a computer again! It’s addictive, I tell you! Take my word for it; I tried to stop at the end of last year and failed miserably . . . 😉

    All kidding aside, welcome to the blawgosphere.

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